Welcome to Leaders IN TEACH project’s website!

A space where you will find all the information about Leadrs IN TEACH, a strategic Erasmus + project to whose objectives and results you will not be indifferent.

Our main objective is to equip trainers with the necessary skills to use digital technology in a creative way, in order to give an answer to the trainees needs in terms of digital competence. To be able to do that and introduce technology in the classroom, improving their Digital Pedagogy competences is a must. But Digital Pedagogy is not about the technology, even if digital delivery clearly requires it; it’s about the way we want to teach and the way students want to learn, being facilitated by technology.

C-VET trainers want to be able to use new technologies effectively and they want to know ways that will result in positive learning outcomes. This is where a digital pedagogy comes in. It provides them with the ability to meet new digital technologies and be able to use them effectively, contributing to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus crisis.

The trainers of C-VET system must transmit pedagogy before knowledge, and for that, they have to help the students to be able to obtain knowledge for themselves, motivating them in a context in which online training has come to stay. For this reason, teachers must learn to use resources to create and adapt the content to the technological supports that best adapt to this educational and technological heterogeneity. Hence, the other great horizontal priority of the project is social inclusion, which is, how we have seen, the great objective of the C_VET compared to other types of training.