IO1 Learning environment of Open Educational Resources on Digital Pedagogy. The objectives of this IO are:

  • Know the context and the frame of reference for the Digital Pedagogy competence.
  • Know and manage different innovative pedagogical approaches.
  • Know and handle tools and web services for the creation, editing and publication of innovative digital content.
  • Select the methodological strategies and the most suitable, didactic and technological, resources to facilitate learning based on the objectives, content and technological capacities of the learners
  • Design, plan and evaluate learning activities according to innovative an open pedagogy

The course will be focused on an active learning pedagogical approach completed with motivating elements. This approach facilitates the understanding of how technology use can unlock pedagogical ideals like personalisation and collaborative learning. Learners will have pre-assessment possibilities so they can know in advance which level of competences would require further development.

This way they will be able to choose the sections linked to them, or a more linear learning process through all the modules. Each unit of the course will have learning sequence that offers content, activities, discussions, reflections and ways to check their understanding. We will include a set of practical digital tools that will facilitate the organisation, monitoring and assessment of innovative training in C_VEt, supporting teachers in the on line adaptation.