The Leaders IN TEACH project team is made up of entities from different European countries that help create synergies between different realities: Spain, Poland , Italy and Bulgaria

Know us


MC2020 we are a company which offers unique solutions to successfully face economic and social challenges according to the European standards of competitiveness, sustainability as well as social and territorial cohesion.
To his effect, we work with a global vision, in an ongoing collaboration with local administrations, regional and General State Administration, European institutions and different multilateral entities.
With a multidisciplinary team which counts on the expertise and innovative knowledge 15 years of project design, management and coordination entail, our objective is to contribute to the success of public institutions during the improvement process of the democratic, social and economic governance, through projects and initiatives that lead the objective of improving the life quality of citizens.


Business Foundation for Education (BFE) is a Bulgarian non-government organization established in 2005. Its mission is to facilitate the development of the civil society through initiatives that enhance human resource competitiveness and contribute to economic development and prosperity. To achieve its goals the Foundation implements variety of initiatives in the fields of lifelong learning and career guidance, employment and social policy, vocational education and training and youth work.
BFE is a recognized leader in the field of lifelong learning and career guidance in Bulgaria. Its initiatives gave a large impetus for the development of the career guidance system in the country and raise the awareness of all stakeholders and the general public about the benefits of lifelong guidance for all generations.

Since 2005 BFE has trained over 1000 career counselors under the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) program. The initiative is enabling access of thousands of Bulgarians to career services, offered in more than 600 schools, 37 universities, 28 regional career development centers, 10 youth centres, labor offices and more than 100 private companies, public institutions and NGOs in Bulgaria.


COOSS is an Italian private no profit organisation whose main objective is to support the integration of disadvantaged people through the provision of social, assisting, care, educational and training services and to propose interventions to meet the different needs of the local community. Born in 1979, COOSS counts nowadays more than 2900 members employees and serves more than 7.400 users among which elderly, disabled people, mentally impaired, minors, youngsters, drug addicted, migrants.
Recognised by the regional government, COOSS is also active in vocational education and training (VET), manages and develops VET (in both initial and further training), adult education actions and is active in national and international project management since 1993.


Krakowskie Centrum Zarządzania i Administracji sp. z o.o. (KCZIA) – The Cracow Center of Management and Administration Ltd ( is a private SME, founded in Poland in 1999. KCZIA specializes in:

1. Consulting and services for companies and NGOs. KCZIA offers high quality outsourcing services. It also provides consulting services in the field of enterprise management, promotion of innovation, technology transfer, implementation of scientific and research solutions.

2.Education for adults

a) KCZIA has wide experience in professional and soft trainings for adults and youth, developed through participation in educational projects.
b) KCDKO – Krakowskie Centrum Doskonalenia Kadr Oświatowych is a centre for innovation in education. KCDKO is the author or co-author of many successful projects improving the education system. KCDKO organizes training for teachers, principals and other school personnel working in primary, middle, high and adult schools.

In all its initiatives, the KCDKO cooperates with various institutions from the EU and Poland.

Fundación Juan de los Toyos

Juan de los Toyos Fundazioa is a non-profit organisation that bears the name of the Minister of Labour, Social Security and Communications in the First Basque Government in 1936. He was a man of profound social and democratic values that the Foundation takes on as its own.

Our Foundation is conceived as an open space for research, debate and meeting, which allows the democratic and plural participation of people and institutions in order to contribute to social progress, the improvement of the conditions of citizens, especially those less favoured, and the construction of a more equal and cohesive society. We are also an institution that actively participates in society through the implementation of training courses for employment, both for access and maintenance.

On the other hand, we carry out research, studies, projects, conferences and exhibitions, among others, in order to contribute to creating a fairer, more cohesive, egalitarian and supportive society and, at the same time to generate knowledge. That is why we have decided to coordinate a new European Erasmus Plus programme to develop digital competence in teaching.

The new project called “Leaders In Teach” has been one of the 15 projects selected by the Spanish service for the internalisation of education SEPIE. Ir aims to provide VET trainers the necessary skills to use technology in a creative and innovative way. To this end, we aim to boost their digital teachhing competence.